MGU 2013

Photos from the Michigan Geophysical Union (MGU) Student Research Symposium are on the AOSS Facebook page.

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Daily Planet

The Daily Planet, in print for 28 years, is now online. Read More

MGU Student Research Symposium Awards


Congratulations to the AOSS first place winners for the Michigan Geophysical Union Student Research Symposium - Weiye Yao and John Xun Yang! Read More

Charles Edmonson: An engineer’s engineer


Charles Edmonson retired from U-M after 21 years. Read More

Student David Wright's paper on the potential impacts of climate change on lake-effect snowsnow

Graduate student David Wright's research found that warmer temperatures could increase the intensity of the lake-effect snowfall, which can affect things like algal blooms and local government budgets for clearing and remove snow. Read More

Record-breaking Lake Erie algae bloom may be sign of things to comeLake Erie

Professors Allison Steiner and Derek Posselt explored factors that may have contributed to the 2011 Lake Erie algae bloom, which was likely caused by a combination of changing farming practices and weather conditions.
Read More

Professor Flanner co-authors landmark study on black carbon

Black carbon, the tiny particles released into the atmosphere by burning fuel, is the second most important contributor to global warming, according to a new study co-authored by Professor Mark Flanner. Read More

MESSENGER measurements show evidence for water ice near Mercury’s North Pole

MESSENGER science team member and AOSS engineer Jim Raines says “Finding water ice on the hottest planet in the solar system is amazing, and really challenges us to remember that nature can really surprise us sometimes.” Read More

Professor Sillman on long-term leave

Chances are if you’ve spoken with Professor Sanford Sillman during his 24-year career with AOSS, he’s had a question for you. “Sandy is always very incisive, he gets to the meat of what is really important,” Professor Joyce Penner says. Read More

Measuring Saturn’s “pulse”

Middle school students visit AOSS

The Rosetta mission

Professor Rood on why Europe is beating the U.S. in weather forecasting

The U-M Solar Car Team Updates

The Daily Planet History

Mark Your Calendars

The Alumni of the Year Lecture will take place on Friday, October 4.

The Nelson W. Spencer Lecture will take place on Friday, November 1.

U-M fall classes begin on
Tuesday, September 3.