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Research Scientist Natasha Andronova passed away in June 2014 after a battle with brain cancer. FULL STORY


Inside Mars chambers, liquid water forms. FULL STORY


The U-M Board of Regents named Professor Tamas Gombosi the Konstantin I. Gringauz Distinguished University Professor of Space Science. FULL STORY

Professor Fisk elected as COSPAR president

fiskProfessor Len Fisk recently became the first American to be elected president of COSPAR (The Committee on Space Research). The International Council for Science established COSPAR in 1958 to provide a venue for Soviet and Western scientists to meet during the Cold War. Read more

Rosetta enters orbit

rosettaThe Rosetta spacecraft made history Wednesday, August 6 as it became the first probe to enter into orbit with a comet. AOSS Professor Tamas Gombosi (and scientist on the Rosetta team) commented before the rendezvous that "Rosetta is not even at the comet yet, and we already have the first surprise" on recent pictures that show that Comet 67P is an odd-shaped lobular object rather than shaped like a potato. Read more

AOSS research may help solve corona puzzle

coronaAssociate Research Scientist Richard Frazin and his team made an interesting discovery when measuring the temperature of coronal loops. They were measuring the loops' temperature during a solar minimum, a quiet phase which sees fewer sunspots and flares. They expected all loops to get hotter with height. Surprisingly, some of the loops nearest the sun's equator got colder near their tops. Read more

Professor Steiner in new MConneX video

Professor Allison Steiner is in a new MConneX video titled, “Killer Trees." The video takes a look at the Volatile Organic Compounds produced by trees. Known as VOCs, these chemicals are extremely reactive, and when combined with human emissions, they can cause air quality concerns such as increased ozone. Watch video

Professor Samson’s teaching methods in NYT

Professor Perry Samson’s teaching methods were featured in an Education Life piece in the New York Times. The article, titled “10 Courses with a Twist,” looked around the nation for courses that create buzz. Read more

Professor Fisk writes editorial for SpaceNews.com

Professor Len Fisk is co-author of a recent article in SpaceNews.com titled, “The Diminishing Space Science Workforce: A Crisis in the Making.” Read more

Support AOSS students when travelling for U.S. Open 2015

MBuRST team places second in design for global challenge

AOSS teaches rocket science to young learners

Take AOSS with you when you travel!

If you’ve got a trip coming up, please consider bringing along an AOSS trinket (water bottle, lanyard, etc) and taking a photo of it. These photos give us an idea of how well traveled the AOSS community is. Please send any photos to aossnews@umich.edu.