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Meteorologist Chris Robbins donates to CLASP students

RobbinsMeteorologist and Forecaster Chris Robbins, owner of iWeatherNet.com, donated $3,000 to CLASP students for trips such as the American Meteorological Society annual meeting and Tornado Camp.
“I am pleased that my donations can help the students of CLASP travel to the Great Plains and observe convective processes with their own eyes,” Robbins says.
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Four faculty members are Co-Is on Europa Clipper mission

Europa ClipperNASA selected nine science instruments for a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, to investigate whether the mysterious icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life. ICEMAG (Interior Characterization of Europa using Magnetometry) and PIMS (Plasma Instrument for Magnetic Sounding) are two of the instruments selected for the Europa Clipper mission. Read more

Professor Nagy honored with John Adam Fleming Medal

NagyProfessor Emeritus Andy Nagy was honored with the 2015 John Adam Fleming Medal from AGU. The Fleming Medal is given annually to one honoree in recognition for “original research and technical leadership in geomagnetism, atmospheric electricity, aeronomy, space physics, and related sciences,” according to the AGU website. Read More

Professor Steiner earns 2015 AGU Ascent Award

Associate Professor Allison Steiner was named the winner of the 2015 AGU Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award. This award is given annually to four exceptional, mid-career scientists who demonstrate excellence in research and leadership. Read More

Professor Rood named co-chair of UCACN Model Advisory Committee

In March 2015, the director of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction requested the formation of a modeling advisory committee to provide a comprehensive strategy for the development of the NCEP Prediction Suite. Professor Ricky Rood and University of Oklahoma Professor Fred Carr have been named co-chairs of the committee. Read More

Professor George Gloeckler earns first Johannes Geiss Fellowship

Research Professor George Gloeckler was recently selected for the first Johannes Geiss Fellowship from the International Space Science Institute (ISSI). Read More

Professor Steiner writes paper on women in Earth sciences

Incoming students learn about CYGNSS with M-STEM

Backward-moving glacier helps explain glacial earthquakes

Calling all meteorology and climate folks: Prof. Frank Marsik has started a new Facebook page intended to connect faculty, students, alumni and weather enthusiasts. Please click here to like the new page!