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Historic Cassini Mission Ends with Dramatic Dive into Saturn. Read more

parker probe

Parker Solar Probe: To Touch The Sun. Read more


QB50: Science From Above. Read more

Professor Gombosi Named 2017 AGU James Van Allen Lecturerrosetta

Climate & Space is very pleased to announce that Professor Tamas GombosiKonstantin I. Gringauz Distinguished University Professor of Space Sciencehas been selected to give the James Van Allen Lecture at the 2017 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union this coming December in New Orleans. Read more...

CLaSP Rosetta Mission Team Receives NASA Award

rosettaThe Climate & Space Rosetta Mission team was honored with a 2017 NASA Group Achievement Award. Each team member received a certificate, and the awards were presented by Jim Green, Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division at a ceremony at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. CLaSP research assocuate professor K.C. Hansen accepted the awards on behalf of the department team. CLaSP professor Tamas Gombosi describes the award as "a great honor," and plans a department reception to celebrate.
Congratulations, Rosetta Team!

Professor Moldwin named Faculty Director of College of Engineering M-STEM Programmoldwin-mstem

Climate & Space professor Mark Moldwin has been named Faculty Director of University’s M-STEM Academies M-Engin component effective September 5thEach summer, M-STEM students come to the U-M’s North Campus to participate in a summer camp designed to lay the groundwork for academic success in the coming year. Students live together and take part in activities specific to their engineering focus. Read more...

VIDEO: CLaSP Fellow Ashley Payne Discusses Atmospheric Rivers

Climate & Space researcher Dr. Ashley Payne has created a set of animated visualizations to help predict when atmospheric rivers will impact land, allowing for better preparation for extreme weather events. Read more...

University Climate Station Moves to New Location

This past July, the historic University of Michigan Climate Station on the east lawn of the Space Research Building was moved to a brand-new location at Matthaei Botanical Gardens on Dixboro Road. The station had been at the North Campus site since moving from Central Campus in 1974, and this latest move is another step in the station’s long journey from its origins in the early days of the University. Read more...

CLaSP Chair James Slavin Presented Planetary Sciences Distinguished Lecture at AOGS

CLaSP Department Chair Professor James Slavin was invited to present a Section Distinguished Lecture in Planetary Sciences at the 2017 Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) meeting in Singapore this past August. Professor Slavin's lecture was titled, "Extreme Solar Wind – Planetary Coupling at Mercury." Read more...

NASA Funds Concept Study for SunRISE Mission Proposal from Professor Kasper

From the NASA media release:
"Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE).
SunRISE will consist of a constellation of cubesats operating as a synthetic aperture radio telescope to address the critical heliophysics problems of how solar energetic particles are accelerated and released into interplanetary space. Principal investigator: Justin Kasper..."

CLASP Team Proposal Selected for Joint Research in Data Science Funding Award

Professor Ruf Flies into Hurricane Harvey with NOAA Science Team

CLaSP Students Visit Tornado Camp 2017

Department Chair Position in the Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering