University Climate Station Moves to New Location

testThis past July, the historic University of Michigan Climate Station on the east lawn of the Space Research Building was moved to a brand-new location at Matthaei Botanical Gardens on Dixboro Road. The station had been at the North Campus site since moving from Central Campus in 1974, and this latest move is another step in the station’s long journey from its origins in the early days of the University.

Since its establishment at the Detroit Observatory in 1880, the U-M climate station has resided in various locations over the years. Each site is carefully chosen based on station location criteria set forth by the National Weather Service, as well as with an eye to maintaining the continuous data record. The immediate environment surrounding the station must be similar enough to its predecessor so the data gathered there would not be significantly different from data gathered at the previous site. There is also an emphasis on location longevity to help maintain the consistency of the data. The process of selecting and moving the station to a new location takes time and attention to detail in order to meet the required conditions. Once a proposed site is located, it must pass a final inspection by the National Weather Service prior to use.

About a year ago, Climate & Space department researchers began to scout around for a new site the U-M climate station. As with the previous locations, site longevity and environmental stability were among the primary criteria driving the search...
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