New Grants

Principal Investigators in bold. These are the grants listed by ORSP as having been awarded June 1, 2017 – August 31, 2017.

Michael Combi, Valeriy Tenishev, The Distribution of H2O and CO2 Activity from Comet 103P/Hartley 2 Determined from EPOXI Spectral Images, $409,142, NASA

Paul Drake, Paul Keiter, Carolyn Kuranz, Experimental Astrophysics on the Omega Laser, $340,000, DOE

Mark Flanner, Quantifying the relative contributions of aerosols, blocking events, and low level liquid clouds to Greenland snow melt - NESSF, $45,000, NASA

Mark Flanner, Collaborative Research: Closing the Gaps in Climate Models' Surface Albedo Schemes of Processes Driving the Darkening of the Greenland Ice Sheet, $101,561, NSF

Xianglei Huang, Response of Modeled Far-IR Flux and Emissivity to Greenland Clouds and Ice Sheet Melt, $45,000, NASA

Xianzhe Jia, Particle Environment Package (PEP) for the ESA-led Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer (JUICE) Mission Phase B extended and Phase C/D, $66,034, Johns Hopkins University

Justin Kasper, James Slavin, Xianzhe Jia, PIMS Science- Planetary Instrument for Magnetic Sounding Phase A Extended/Phase B and ROM Phase C/D, $118,182, Johns Hopkins University

Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, Allison Steiner, Developing a mechanistic understanding of variability in the atmospheric CO2 growth rate owing to interannual climate oscillations, $1,113,896, NASA

Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Soil Moisture Observations to Characterize Terrestrial Vegetation Photosynthesis and Biosphere Carbon Uptake in North America, $152,361, NASA

Eric Kort, Towards achieving robust, repeatable, and widely applicable methods for urban greenhouse gas quantification, $668,544, DOC

Carolyn Kuranz, Eric Johnsen, The Study of Radiative Effects on Turbulent Plasmas, $523,569, NSF

Susan Lepri, Determining CME Plasma Evolution from Remote Sensing and In-situ Observations, $45,000, NASA

Susan Lepri, The Transition From Fast to Slow Solar Wind: Dynamic Interaction and Source Properties, $30,800, SwRI

Michael Liemohn, Coupled MHD-PIC analysis of dayside reconnection (NESSF), $45,000, NASA

Michael Liemohn, Natalia Ganjushkina, Gabor Toth, Daniel Welling, Outflow and Geospace: Impact and Feedback of Heavy Ions In the Magnetosphere, $953,830, NASA

Ward Manchester IV,
Simulating the Initiation and Liftoff Phases of CMEs with Comparisons to Spectroscopic Observations, $45,000, NASA

Frank Marsik, REU Site: Program in Climate and Space Science Observation (PICASSO) at the University of Michigan, $334,830, NSF

Mark Moldwin, Collaborative Research: Studies of Magnetospheric and Ionospheric Dynamics using the Magnetometer Array for Cusp and Cleft Studies (MACCS), $219,853, NSF

Nilton Renno, 3D Printed Plant Growth Substrate, $19,223, National Space Grant Foundation

Nilton Renno, Mars Habitat Commonality, $20,000, National Space Grant Foundation

Aaron Ridley, Augmenting the Science Return from CEDAR Collaborative Research:
Causal Relationships of Ion-Neutral Coupling Processes at Mid-Latitudes,
$34,031, NSF

Christopher Ruf, CYGNSS Additional Ground Contacts, $1,657,121, NASA

Christopher Ruf, CYGNSS Lessons Learned, $308,882, NASA

Igor Sokolov, Simulation study of the effect of the near-Sun stochastic field line meandering on the longitudinal spread of SEPs, $59,846, Bay Area Environmental Research Institute

Gabor Toth, Ward Manchester IV, Bartholomeus van der Holst, PREEVENTS Track 2: Integrated Modeling of Extreme Space Weather Events from Electron to Global Scales, $2,016,321, NSF