Tornado Camp 2017

testOver the summer, four Climate & Space students set off on a quest to chase and study tornadoes and severe weather in “Tornado Alley” on the plains of Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Students Kim Frauhammer, Erica Lucas, Kyle Klein, and Austin McDowell drove across the country to attend the annual storm-chasing event, and shared dispatches from the field in their pursuit of storms.

Tornado Camp is the nickname given to a severe weather experiment organized by former CLaSP Professor Derek Posselt and CLaSP alumnus and former visiting Professor Chris Weiss of Texas Tech. The participants spent about three weeks to a month driving around the flat plains of Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma looking for tornadoes.

Former CLaSP (AOSS) student Morgan Gorris, who attended Tornado Camp in 2013, had this to say: “It is one thing to learn about the logistics of a supercell through papers and reading, but to see the features of the storm in person gives you a true perspective of the beasts you are dealing with.”

We wanted our students to tell us in their own words about their experiences during Tornado Camp, so we asked them to write up “short reflections” of the trip. In true CLaSP style, they delivered several times over. Click the links below to read the essays.

Kim Frauhammer

Kyle Klein

Erica Lucas

Austin McDowell