Climate & Space Faculty Collaborate on New Graham Sustainability Institute Projects

Two Climate & Space faculty are members of two Sustainability Faculty Teams selected for funding through Catalyst Grants, the Graham Sustainability Institute’s Emerging Opportunities Program. Professors Allison Steiner and Gretchen Keppel-Aleks are among the University of Michigan collaborators on the three proposals selected for funding.

From the Graham Institute website:

"Three faculty teams, comprising 14 researchers from 6 U-M colleges, schools and units received support to investigate the vulnerability of people to wildfire smoke exposure, create a protocol for collaboration between universities and Tribal communities, and determine how information about human behavior can inform climate adaptation efforts." 

Professor Steiner is a member of the Atmospheric Modeling in Human Health & Climate Change Risk Assessment: Wildfire Smoke Exposuresproject. Link to Project website.

Professor Keppel-Aleks is a member of the Modeling Socio-Ecological Adaption to Climate Change in Temperate Forests projectLink to project website.

Read the full announcement.

Congratulations Professors Steiner and Keppel-Aleks!