Assistant Professor Jeremy Bassis

Jeremy Bassis

Associate Professor

Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Michigan



Phone:  (734) 615-3606

Office: 2529 Space Research Building

2455 Hayward St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143

Glaciology at the University of Michigan

Current Students and postdocs

  • Mac Cathles (A University Fellow Postdoc affiliated with our glaciology group)
  • Yue Ma (Physics graduate student examining ice dynamics and damage mechanics)
  • Lizz Ultee (CLaSP graduate student looking at the rheology of fractured ice)
  • Morgan Whitcomb (Applied Physics graduate student implementing damage mechanics in the Community Ice Sheet Model)
  • Brandon Berg (Physics graduate student, studying Thwaites Glacier)
  • Ray Watkins (Materials Science and Engineering graduate student studying ice-ocean interaction)

Former students and postdocs:

  • Xiaojian Liu (former graduate student, now a professional programer)
  • Catherine Walker (former graduate student, now an Assistant Research Scientist at Woods Hole)
  • Martin O'Leary (former postdoc who has returned back to the UK)
  • Yadetsie (Nicky) Zaragoza Rivera (former undergraduate now in grad school at Ohio State University)
  • Scott Hall (former undergraduate student, now a graduate student at UM in Aerspace Engineering)
  • Robin Czerwinksi (former undergraduate, now in the Peace Corps)
  • Suzanne Jacobs (former undergraduate student, now at MIT)

Potential students

I'm always interested in hearing from students that are enthusiastic about doing research in glaciology. I encourage anyone interested in doing research with me to get in touch with me through email, phone, or if you are local by stopping by my office.

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