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Zachary Butterfield

AOSS PhD Student

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B.S. Physics, Utah State University (2013)

Current Research Interests:
Remote sensing of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence

Past Research Experience:
Undergraduate Student/Post-Bacc, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Earth and Environmental Science (Summer 2012, 2013-2014)
Undergraduate Research Assistant, Utah State University, Sodium LIDAR Group (2011-2013)

Rackham Engineering Award (2014)

Lindenmaier, R., Dubey, M. K., Henderson, B. G., Butterfield, Z. T., Herman, J. R., Rahn, T., & Lee, S.-H. (2014). Multiscale observations of CO2, 13CO2, and pollutants at Four Corners for emission verification and attribution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201321883.

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