Mike Liemohn

Associate Professor

Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Michigan

Other Research Activities

Other Research ActivitiesThese publications appear nowhere else in the research topic pages, so they have been put here.

This is mostly work that I have done over the years with Dr. George Khazanov, my PhD advisor.  He has included me in many of his projects and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn about these other topics.  I am not particularly an expert in the science behind any of these studies, but I helped with computer programming, figure creation, manuscript writing and editing, and sometimes even presented these studies at conferences.

Publications on other research topics


Khazanov, G. V., E. N. Krivorutsky, and M. W. Liemohn, Nonlinear drift-kinetic equation in the presence of a circularly polarized wave, Planet. Space Sci., 52, 945, 2004.  PDF


Khazanov, G. V., N. H. Stone, E. N. Krivorutsky, K. V. Gamayunov, and M. W. Liemohn, Current-induced magnetic field effects on bare tether current collection: A parametric study, J. Geophys. Res., 106, 10,565, 2001. 


Khazanov, G. V., N. H. Stone, E. N. Krivorutsky, and M. W. Liemohn, Current-produced magnetic field effects on current collection, J. Geophys. Res., 105, 15,835, 2000. 

Khazanov, G. V., K. V. Gamayunov, and M. W. Liemohn, Alfvén waves as a source of lower hybrid activity in the ring current region, J. Geophys. Res., 105, 5403, 2000. 


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Khazanov, G. V., T. E. Moore, E. N. Krivorutsky, J. L. Horwitz, and M. W. Liemohn, Lower hybrid turbulence and ponderomotive force effects in space plasmas subjected to large-amplitude low-frequency waves, Geophys. Res. Lett., 23, 797, 1996.