Derek J Posselt

Associate Professor

Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Michigan

Research Group

Posselt Group Photo, 24 April 2014

Research Scientists

Bruce Fryxell, Research Scientist, Uncertainty Quantification in Global Climate Models

Ph. D. Students (Expected Graduation)

Fei He (2015)

David Wright (2015)

Gregory Tierney (2016)

Juan Crespo (2017)

Annareli Morales (2018)

M. S. Students (Expected Graduation)

James Kessler (2015)

Justin Tsu (2015)

Omar Gates (2015)

Undergraduate Students (Expected Graduation)

Anthony Torres (2015)

Former Students (Current Affiliation)

Samantha Tushaus, M. S., 2014 (Currently a Research Associate at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Erika Roesler, Ph. D., 2012 (Currently a post-doctoral fellow at Sandia National Laboratories)

Erin Dagg, B. S. E., 2012 (Currently pursuing a Ph. D. at Colorado State University)

Chuan-Yuan Hsu, M.S., 2011 (Currently pursuing a Ph. D. at Texas A&M University)

Andrew Jongeward, B.S.E., 2010 (Currently pursuing a Ph. D. at University of Maryland)

Aaron Preston, B.S.E., 2010 (Currently pursuing a Ph. D. at Florida State University)

Bradley Charboneau, B.S.E., 2009 (Currently pursuing a M.S. at Texas Tech University)

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