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Publicly released data available in 2017.

Earth globe graphic The CYGNSS data will enable scientists, for the first time, to probe key air-sea interaction processes that take place near the core of the storms, which are rapidly changing and play large roles in the genesis and intensification of hurricanes.

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents

  1. Level 1A DDM Calibration Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document, S. Gleason,CYGNSS Project Document 148-0136-X1, Rev 1, 19 Dec. 2014. [paper]
  2. Level 1B DDM Calibration Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document, S. Gleason,CYGNSS Project Document 148-0137-X1, Rev 1, 19 Dec. 2014. [paper]
  3. Level 2 Wind Speed Retrieval Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document, M. P. Clarizia,CYGNSS Project Document 148-0138, Rev 2 Chg 2, 19 Nov 2015. [paper]
  4. Level 2 Mean-Square Slope Retrieval Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document, V. Zavorotny, CYGNSS Project Document 148-0139-X2, Rev 2,22 Apr 2014. [paper]
  5. Level 3 Gridded Wind Speed Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document, C. Ruf,CYGNSS Project Document 148-0319, Rev 0 Chg 0, 8 Dec 2015. [paper]

Associated Project Documents

  1. End-to-End Simulator Technical Memo, A. O'Brien, CYGNSS Project Do148-0123_CYGNSS_E2ES_EM. [paper]

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