CYGNSS Science

Current Science and Applications Investigations

:: Project Science Investigations ::

CYGNSS Data Assimilation in Hurricane Forecast Models and Assessment of Skill Impact

  • Atlas, Robert - NOAA/AOML

Calibration and Validation of CYGNSS Level 1 and 2 Science Data Products

  • Chang, Paul - NOAA/NESDIS/STAR

Development, Implementation and Performance Assessment of Level 2 Wind Speed Retrieval Algorithms for the CYGNSS Mission

  • Clarizia, Maria Paola - DEIMOS

Development of Forward Model for Level 1 Science Data Product in Support of Data Assimilation Studies

  • Garrison, James - Purdue University

DDMI Calibration and Algorithm Development for Level 1 Science Data Products

  • Gleason, Scott - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Development of CYGNSS End-to-End Simulator and On-Orbit Cal/Val

  • Johnson, Joel - Ohio State University

Development of Alternate Wind Speed Retrieval Algorithms

  • Katzberg, Steve - MBO

CYGNSS Data Assimilation in Hurricane Forecast Models and Assessment of Skill Impact

  • Majumdar, Sharan - University of Miami

CYGNSS Science Team Cal/Val Coordinator and Science Operations Center Liaison

  • McKague, Darren - University of Michigan

CYGNSS Mission Extended Science Team Coordinator

  • Posselt, Derek - NASA/Caltech/JPL

Constellation Orbital Configuration Modeling and Science Team Support

  • Ridley, Aaron - University of Michigan

Development, Implementation and Performance Assessment of Level 2 Mean Square Slope Retrieval Algorithms for the CYGNSS Mission

  • Zavorotny, Valery - NOAA/ESRL

:: NASA Competed Investigations ::

Using CYGNSS to Characterize Tropical Cyclone Structure and Integrated Kinetic Energy

  • Cecil, Daniel - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

A Novel Approach to Global and Coastal Wind and Waves Retrievals from CYGNSS GNSS-R Measurements

  • Chang, Paul - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NESDIS/ORA

Investigation of Effects of Ocean Surface Waves and Current on Wind in Tropical Cyclones Using CYGNSS Data and a Coupled Atmosphere-Wave-Ocean Model

  • Chen, Shuyi - University Of Washington, Seattle

Investigating atmospheric variability over multiple time scales with CYGNSS

  • Johnson, Joel - Ohio State University

Effects of CYGNSS-Derived Parametric Wind Fields on Storm Surge Modeling

  • Kubatko, Ethan  - Ohio State University

Using CYGNSS to investigate relationships between wind-driven surface fluxes and tropical oceanic convection

  • Lang, Timothy - NASA/MSFC

Feedbacks Between Wind-Driven Surface Fluxes and Cloud Population Evolution During MJO: Contrast between the Indian Ocean and Maritime Continents

  • LI, Xiaowen - NASA/GSFC

Sub-daily to Sub-seasonal Variability of Ocean Surface Wind under Clear and Rainy Weather Conditions

  • Liu, W. Timothy - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Advancing understanding of surface wind characteristics of tropical waves and oscillations using CYGNSS data

  • Majumdar, Sharan - University of Miami

Understanding tropical convective dynamics and the MJO using CYGNSS observations

  • Maloney, Eric - Colorado State University

CYGNSS Competed Science Team:  Retrieval of Surface and Subsurface Soil Moisture Profiles Over Diverse Landscapes

  • Moghaddam, Mahta - University Of Southern California

Unlocking the Potential for CYGNSS-based Tropical Cyclone Characterization

  • Morris, Mary - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

CYGNSS Estimates of Surface Heat Fluxes in Low-Latitude Extratropical Cyclones

  • Posselt, Derek - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Assimilating GPM Satellite Radiances and CYGNSS Ocean Surface Winds into the NCEP New-Generation Non-Hydrostatic Global Forecast Model for Improved Prediction of Tropical Convection

  • Pu, Zhaoxia - University of Utah

User-Oriented Level 4 Ocean Wind Products from the CYGNSS Wind Retrievals

  • Ricciardulli, Lucrezia - Remote Sensing Systems Of California Corporation

Investigation of the Interaction between Kelvin waves and Easterly waves using CYGNSS Data

  • Schreck, Carl - North Carolina State University

Development of CYGNSS Constellation Delays-Doppler Map Retrieval of GNSS-R Altimetric Sea Surface Heights

  • Shum, C K - Ohio State University

Daily Variations of Global Tropical Ocean Surface Winds

  • Tian, Baijun - NASA/JPL

Retrieval of Soil Moisture Using CYGNSS Based on Physical Models of Bistatic Scattering

  • Tsang, Leung - University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Characterizing MJO and Multi-Scale Interactions over the Maritime Continent with CYGNSS: Validation, Process Study and Model Evaluation

  • Waliser, Duane - NASA/JPL

Storm Surge Forecasting with CYGNSS - Model and Algorithm Development

  • Warnock, April - SRI International

CYGNSS Soil Moisture Algorithm and Validation

  • Yueh, Simon - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dynamic Mapping of Tropical Wetlands and Inundations with CYGNSS

  • Zuffada, Cinzia - Jet Propulsion Laboratory


:: Extended Science Team Investigations ::

An Assessment of the Potential of GNSS-R for Improving Navy Global and Mesoscale Tropical Numerical Weather and Wave Prediction using CYGNSS

  • Baker, Nancy - NRL/Monterey

Examination of CYGNSS Science Data Products for Ocean Applications

  • Burrage, Derek - NRL/DC

Mesoscale Ocean Altimetry Using GNSS-Reflectometry

  • Carreno-Luengo, Hugo - NASA/JPL

Using CYGNSS data for wetland and flood inundation mapping in the tropics

  • Chew, Clara - NASA/JPL

Analyzing, Designing and Prototyping User Data Interfaces

  • Coletti, Alex - Syneren Technologies

Development of Science Algorithms for GNSS Reflectometry

  • di Bisceglie, Maurizio - Universita degli Studi del Sannio, Italy

Development of Science Algorithms for GNSS Reflectometry

  • Galdi, Carmela - Universita degli Studi del Sannio, Italy

Collaborative GNSS-R Research Utilizing the NASA CYGNSS Mission for Ocean Waves, Tides and Height near Japan

  • Ichikawa, Kaoru - Kyushu University, Japan

Retrieval of Sea Surface Height from CYGNSS

  • Li, Zhijin - NASA/JPL

GNSS-R Observation Operator Development and Impact Evaluation (GOODIE)

  • Stoffelen, Ad - KNMI, The Netherlands

Redistribution of surface water by analysis of the trajectories of the CYGNSS constellation

  • Ramillien, Guillaume - GET/OMP, France

Support development and assessment of wind and wave retrieval algorithms

  • Soulat, Francois - CLS, France

Facilitate provision of in situ observation data to the CYGNSS team

  • Taylor, Andy - BOM, Australia

South China Sea Typhoon Experiment (SOTEX) Collaboration with CYGNSS

  • Toumi, Ralf - Imperial College, UK

NASA Ames Research Center
University of Michigan
Southwest Research Institute of Texas
Surrey Satellite Technology of Colorado