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Lakeside Lab: 231-539-7291
Tower: 231-539-7287

Important Information for Researchers

On behalf of the project coordinators, we'd like to thank you for your participation and efforts toward CABINEX. The data you have collected is valuable not only to those of us involved with the project, but the entire research community in the atmospheric and environmental sciences. That said, we'd appreciate your continued cooperation in maintaining the exclusivity of data collected during CABINEX among the project collaborators until the date of public release (TBA). Questions regarding any of the information below can be directed to Kimberly Hill Edwards.

Important Dates

The schedule for data submission has been finalized and can be found below. Please take note of these important dates regarding the submission of your group's data to the online archive.

Preliminary Data Submission to Archive 13 November 2009
Final Data Submission to Archive 5 February 2010
Data Meeting (Ann Arbor, MI) 14-16 April 2010
Data Presented at Fall AGU 2010 Special Session December 2010

Instructions for Uploading Data to the Archive

The data archive for CABINEX is now available for researchers to begin uploading their data. Please visit the Data Archive page for important information regarding how to access the archive and formatting guidelines for the data files.

CABINEX Presentations at the AGU Fall Meeting 2009

Though the official special session for CABINEX will be held next year at the AGU Fall Meeting 2010, there will be a few individual CABINEX-related presentations offered at this years (2009) AGU Fall Meeting. For those attending this December, take a look at the schedule of CABINEX-related presentations (posters and talks) being offered by our colleagues and friends from this summer. If you aware of any that are missing, please contact Kimberly Hill Edwards.

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PROPHET Welcomes Collaborators for CABINEX in Summer 2009

In operation since 1997, the Program for Research on Oxidants: Photochemistry Emissions and Transport (PROPHET) has been the home to several cooperative studies in atmospheric chemistry. PROPHET will begin its twelfth year this summer with the collaborative efforts of nearly four dozen researchers in a project known as Community Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions Experiements, or CABINEX. The primary goal of CABINEX is to provide a collaborative environment in which the resources of a number of research institutions (comprised mostly of universities and private firms) are mutually shared for the purposes of answering one common scientific topic relating to interactions between the atmosphere and biosphere.


Past research has found that biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs), originating in forest canopies, can influence basic processes within the troposphere. Additionally, forest succession and climate change share in the responsibility of the changing face of these forest canopies. Motivated by the concurring Forest Accelerated Succesion Experiment (FASET), CABINEX aims to examine the effects on microscale atmospheric chemistry within the canopy layer owing to forest succession.

Read more about CABINEX and the project collaborators in the full project proposal.