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Aerosol Studies Over Lake Michigan

Adding to the multitude of atmospheric data collected during the first summer of CABINEX, a team of graduate students from Purdue University, lead by Dr. Paul Shepson, conducted measurements of aerosols just above the surface of Lake Michigan. Nate Slade, one of the graduate students involved in this effort, is credited for the making of the following video:


Initial CABINEX Meeting Scheduled

All CABINEX researchers are requested to participate in a brief meeting on Wednesday 1 July at 4:30 PM EDT in the Seminar Room of Lakeside Lab. 1 July is the scheduled first day of data collection so the goal of the meeting is to find out the status of each instrument.

In the weeks following, all CABINEX researchers are asked to attend regular weekly meetings on Mondays at 4:30 PM EDT in the Seminar Room. This will help us see what information we've already attained as well as to make sure we are making all the necessary measurements to reach the goals of the project. These meetings are posted on the project calendar on this website.


Dr. Paul Shepson talks about the O'bouy Project

Paul Shepson of Purdue Chemistry Department describes the O'bouy project outside Barrow, Alaska.


PROPHET Is Going Wireless!

Beginning on 20 June this summer, the PROPHET lab at the tower will be offering wireless internet for use by its project collaborators throughout the campaign. This will allow greater flexibility with the use of limited space inside the lab by providing internet connectivity just outside of the lab. In consideration of our researchers, we are asking for concerns regarding instrumentation that have a history of having interference from wireless signals. Please direct your concerns to Alex Bryan, the project coordinator.

Please prepare your instruments, especially wireless-compatible computer systems, for this change. If you are not planning to use wireless internet, we recommend that you disable the wireless connection on any computers intended to be used for data acquisition to avoid any possible disturbances or interference.

More information regarding connecting to the wireless network will be provided to all groups upon their arrival.


PROPHET Welcomes Collaborators for CABINEX in Summer 2009

In operation since 1997, the Program for Research on Oxidants: Photochemistry Emissions and Transport (PROPHET) has been the home to several cooperative studies in atmospheric chemistry. PROPHET will begin its twelfth year this summer with the collaborative efforts of nearly four dozen researchers in a project known as Community Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions Experiements, or CABINEX. The primary goal of CABINEX is to provide a collaborative environment in which the resources of a number of research institutions (comprised mostly of universities and private firms) are mutually shared for the purposes of answering one common scientific topic relating to interactions between the atmosphere and biosphere.

Past research has found that biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs), originating in forest canopies, can influence basic processes within the troposphere. Additionally, forest succession and climate change share in the responsibility of the changing face of these forest canopies. Motivated by the concurring Forest Accelerated Succesion Experiment (FASET), CABINEX aims to examine the effects on microscale atmospheric chemistry within the canopy layer owing to forest succession.