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General Info

Contact PROPHET:

Lakeside Lab: 231-539-7291
Tower: 231-539-7287

Ordering Gases and Liquid N2 at PROPHET

The following information is meant to ensure that PROPHET collaborators know how to purchase gases during the CABINEX campaign. It is a good idea to get your gases ordered soon as it can sometimes take a couple weeks to get high purity gases up to northern Michigan.

Airgas Great Lakes is the closest gas distributor. Here is their information:

Airgas Great Lakes
2210 East Mitchell
Petoskey, MI 49770
(231) 347-8244

It may be easiest to order gases online at Gases will be delivered on Monday and Thursday to the PROPHET lab.

All gases need to be delivered directly to the PROPHET tower lab and not to the Biological Station. If the gases are to be used in Lakeside Lab, they should be sent to the Biological Station directly (see "Other shipments" below). The address of the tower lab is:

6501 Bryant Road
Pellston, MI 49769

Airgas knows where the tower lab is. The gases will be placed in a fenced cage near the road as the truck is not able to drive down to the lab. Individual researchers are then responsilbility for pulling the cylinders down to the lab using cylinder carts.

There will be a cylinder sheet in the lab so I can keep track of which cylinders belong to which groups. When your gases arrive, I ask that you list the cylinders on the sheet. It is then your responsibility to notify Airgas when your cylinders are empty and ready for pick up. There have been problems with having cylinders not returned in the past and then the Biostation gets charged for them.

If you have any questions, contact Kimberly Hill Edwards.

Other shipments

All other shipments of equipment orders need to go to the Biological Station directly:

[Name, organization/institution]
University of Michigan Biological Station
9133 Biological Road
Pellston, MI 49769

Note that all shipments to any location at UMBS should be sent to the same shipping address (above), whether you are shipping to Lakeside Lab, the Maintenance Garage, or to your personal cabin. Remember to specify clearly above the address your name and organization/institution since they receive many shipments from many different groups. Packages should be shipped with the PI's or the graduate student's name on it.

FedEx Shipments

Airport drop time: 5:30 PM EDT

UMBS drop time: 1:00 PM EDT