A critically important aspect of PROPHET and its philosophy is the training of students.  We believe that PROPHET and its association with UMBS provides a great opportunity to teach young scientists to think outside of the intellectual constraints of discipline-focused pedagogy.  We are convinced that real progress in understanding Earth Systems requires teaching people to think about interactions between ecosystem components.  We have been pursuing this objective through involvement of many students in all aspects of the research, incorporation of PROPHET data in classroom activities, and the development of training programs for both undergraduates (REU) and graduate students (IGERT).


Researchers whose goals are consistent with PROPHET's overall objectives and who provide complementary capabilities and ideas are welcome to participate.  A list of past participants is listed on this site. Prospective researchers can contact:
Mary Anne Carroll, Director (; 734-763-4066)
Paul Shepson, Associate Director (; 765-494-7441)
Steve Bertman, Associate Director (; 616-387-2866)


Initial PROPHET science activities were generously funded through grants from the National Science Foundation, and from matching funds from participating organizations.  Fundamentally, PROPHET success depends on the intellectual involvement of each individual PI.  There is no central funding, and each PI brings individual funding and scientific objectives (which are typically well-linked with the general PROPHET objectives described above).  Synergy is generated through mutual interests and collaborations.

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