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Weather Balloon

Throughout the year, Climate & Space students have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the theories learned in their courses through a series of hands-on activities sponsored by the University of Michigan.  Several years ago, Brad Charboneau (Class of 2009) served as the team meteorologist for the University of Michigan’s winning entry in the 2008 North American Solar Car Challenge. 

AOSS student Brad Charboneau (second  from left) getting ready to launch a weather balloon during the 2008 North American Solar Car Challenge.

Thanks to numerous sponsors, Brad was able to use a variety of meteorological equipment to help with this task. Two of the four vehicles in U-M support caravan were equipped with WeatherHawk all-in-one base stations that measure a variety of different meteorological parameters. These base stations allowed Brad to take his own real-time data to assist him in tweaking his forecasts as the day progressed.

Tornado Camp AOSS students also had the opportunity to participate in the annual “Tornado Camp”, a multi-week cooperative research project with Texas Tech University.  Lead byAOSS Professor Perry Samson, theAOSS Team assisted in collecting valuable data that will be used to better understand the formation and life cycle of tornadic storms.

Tornado Camp