"To provide practical hands-on interdisciplinary experience for students through the design and development of exciting aerospace projects as part of their overall academic preparation."

About S3FL

The Student Space Systems Fabrication Laboratory (S3FL) is an organization dedicated to providing students with practical space systems design and fabrication experience not readily available through the academic curriculum. S3FL's approach is to enhance education by coupling classroom knowledge with practicum experience involving real engineering design, analysis, test, fabrication, integration, and operation of actual flight vehicles and space payloads.

Each year, S3FL involves over a hundred undergraduate and graduate students in activities ranging from balloon payloads to microgravity experiments to nanosatellites. By participating in the end-to-end development of complete space systems, students acquire knowledge and expertise that would otherwise take years of post-graduate experience to be achieved.

We are continuously seeking support from industry and government as part of our overall academic mission and in particular to support the student projects!

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