CYGNSS Technology

Delay Doppler Mapping Instrument (DDMI)

The DDMI will use a GPS receiver and antennas to provide unprecedented high-temporal-resolution wind field imagery of tropical cyclone genesis, intensification and decay.

DDMI Contents

  • Delay Mapping Receiver (DMR) electronics unit: GPS receiver
  • Two nadir-pointing antennas for collecting GNSS signals
  • One zenith-pointing antenna providing space-geolocation capability

Technical Implementations of GPS Receiver

The GPS receiver performs standard GPS navigation and timing functions, and provides digital signal processing. The processing generates maps of GPS signals scattered from the ocean surface. The maps are called Delay Doppler Maps (DDMs), and the DDMI is capable of capturing four DDMs simultaneously.

NASA Ames Research Center
University of Michigan
Southwest Research Institute of Texas
Surrey Satellite Technology of Colorado