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MultiWell Program Suite

J. R. Barker, T. L. Nguyen, J. F. Stanton, C. Aieta, M. Ceotto, F. Gabas, T. J. D. Kumar, C. G. L. Li, L. L. Lohr, A. Maranzana, N. F. Ortiz, J. M. Preses, J. M. Simmie, J. A. Sonk, and P. J. Stimac


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MultiWell Master Equation Package

  • Linux/Unix/Mac (source codes) :
    • For compiling the source codes, see the User Manual.
  • Windows Executables: multiwell-2021-windows
    • Note that execution of parallel codes (paradensum.exe and parsctst.exe) is special; see the User Manual.
    • Note that ktools is now available for Windows.
    • Jason Sonk (University of Michigan) compiled the Windows versions of the serial codes. Windows versions of paradensum and parsctst were compiled by the group of Michele Ceotto (Universit√† degli Studi di Milano).
  • User Manual: MultiWell User Manual-2021
  • Revision-History.pdf

TS Master Equation Package

Provided by Lam Nguyen and John Stanton

Thermodynamics DataBase